About our Wines


We produce two English sparkling wines, a rosé and a white, both made using the champagne method. Half our vines are Pinot Noir, the grapes of which have a black skin and white flesh, and the other half are Seyval Blanc which are, of course, white. All our wines to date have been a blend of the two varieties, in differing proportions. It is important to blend the grapes as this adds to the complexity of flavours. We also vary the production method for the type of wine we are trying to produce so, for example, if producing a white sparkling, the coloured skins of the pinot are removed at an earlier stage.

In some years we are able to produce both wines, in other years the weather and the harvest may mean we produce only one, whether rosé or white. For example, in 2014 a late frost badly damaged the Pinot vines which were then in bud, but the Seyval, which usually buds later, remained largely unscathed.

Where we are today

We would be delighted to show interested visitors around the vineyard, and this can be done by arrangement. Please also contact us if you would like to discuss an event or a tasting, because these are also possible by arrangement.


Both the rosé and the multi-award winning white are £25 per bottle.

We are a small vineyard, and only sell to the local area. If you would like to buy, please contact us at

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